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What is it?

Cure stinky shoes with Odor Check®!

Odor Check® is the most effective, easy-to-use moisture and odor removal system money can buy. Fight stinky feet by placing Odor Check® in smelly shoes, work boots, sports bags or hunting gear. The inserts are made from a highly absorbent material, which draws in both moisture and the stink that lingers inside. Odor Check® is commonly used by athletes, hunters and women who can't stand the smell of their husband's gym bag!

How it works.

Shoe odor removal in just 3 easy steps.

Odor Check® is extremely easy to use. When it is placed in your smelly shoes, sports bag or vehicle, it removes the moisture and odor over the span of just a few hours. The odor eliminating technology absorbs and retains the moisture and odor, leaving you with pleasant, odor-free clothes, shoes, boots, closets or vehicles. 

It’s 3 easy steps — just place Odor Check® anywhere moisture or stink is a problem, give it a little time, and enjoy!


Say goodbye to smelly shoes.

Watch Stan's story.

For those struggling with stinky feet, Odor Check® could be just the product you've been looking for. Just drop the Odor Check® insert into your smelly shoes, work boots, dress boots or skates, and let science do its thing. Through an activated carbon technology shoe odor removal system, Odor Check® absorbs moisture and all of the unpleasant odors that come along with it. Watch Stan's story in this video and learn how you too can cure stinky feet forever!