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What is it? What exactly is Odor Check®?
Is it alien technology?

Odor Check® inserts use the most effective moisture and odor removal technology, making them the premier odor control money can buy. They feature a synthetic amorphous silica, a highly absorbent desiccant. Together they provide an activated carbon technology odor-control system that is used by athletes, hunters and women who can't stand the smell of their husbands gym bag!

How It Works. Just 3 easy steps.
Super simple stench-be-gone!

Odor Check® is extremely easy to use. The simplicity of it is its key to success. When Odor Check® is placed in your shoes, sports bag or vehicle, it removes the moisture and odor over the span of just a few hours. The odor eliminating technology absorbs and retains the moisture and odor leaving you with pleasant odor free apparel or car. All you have to do is insert Odor Check®, give it time and enjoy!

Questions? Top 10 questions
What people wonder . . .
  1. How long does it last?
  2. Does the Odor Check® product contain harmful chemicals?
  3. Is Odor Check® disposable?
  4. How long does it take Odor Check to work?
  5. What is Odor Check® made of?
  6. Will Odor Check® work on hunting and work boots?
  7. Will the product stain or discolor other materials?
  8. What happens if Odor Check® is ingested?

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